Endometriosis: What you NEED to know.

Could you be living with endometriosis and not know? The probability is worth being considered as 1 in 10 women are sufferers (1). Endometriosis can take up to 10 years before it is diagnosed, and sometimes longer. This is due to women believing their pain is normal, or for medical professionals telling them their pain is normal. It is NOT normal, and leaves certain woman suffering for numerous years without care or management. A lot of awareness is coming to light nowadays, and I'm glad to see so many worthy articles circulating. Some women I have spoken to with endometriosis, appear to be vague in regards to knowledge, treatment and management of the condition. Education is valuable in tak

Gut it for a better cycle: Estrobolome our new found friend.

We've heard it all before, a healthy gut microbiome (which is the home to all of our microorganisms such as bacteria) is essential for maintaining a strong gut wall and protecting the cells within. It's also important for our immune system as the majority of our immune cells actually live in the gastrointestinal tract - AND we need a healthy gut to ensure we are absorbing all of our nutrients. But there's more to a healthy gut than just that! It has also been discovered to have a connection with women's hormones, particularly estrogen. Why is this crucial? Well, an imbalance of estrogen relates to a wide range of conditions that affect a large portion of women. This includes those with PCOS,

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